Welcome! We are so glad you take time to stop by our website! We are a group of fun people who aim to be a community that LOVES unconditionally, extends GRACE to one another and proclaims the HOPE of Jesus Christ through our lives. At W Youth, you will not just be a nameless face or a faceless name… or a text message. We want our youth group to know, love and care for one another deeply in the name of JESUS. That means spending genuine FACETIME here at W. Come hang out with us at Ignite, D-groups and all our events. Give it an honest chance and we hope your life will be TRANSFORMED! It’s not about perfection, it’s about contentment.

[bgsection pex_attr_title=”Discipleship Groups” pex_attr_subtitle=”(D-group)” pex_attr_undefined=”undefined” pex_attr_style=”section-dark-bg” pex_attr_bgcolor=”3ca4cf” pex_attr_image=”http://whcchome.org/ch/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2016/01/IMG_7148-1024x221.jpg” pex_attr_imageopacity=”0.4″ pex_attr_bgimagestyle=”static” pex_attr_titlecolor=”ffffff” pex_attr_textcolor=”ffffff” pex_attr_height=””]Time: Sundays at 9:30am

90 minutes. That’s less than .9% of your week. How can 90 minutes, 1 day a week, every week change your life?

Our leaders invite you to do something different with your life.

They invite you to join them for 90min of Bible study that will challenge, re-direct and elevate your life.
Raise the bar and commit to D-groups for a year. See what 90min can be the beginning of. #YOLO


[bgsection pex_attr_title=”Friday Night Fellowship” pex_attr_subtitle=”Ignite (Middle & High Schoolers)” pex_attr_undefined=”undefined” pex_attr_style=”section-dark” pex_attr_bgcolor=”252525″ pex_attr_image=”” pex_attr_imageopacity=”0.2″ pex_attr_bgimagestyle=”static” pex_attr_titlecolor=”ffffff” pex_attr_textcolor=”ffffff” pex_attr_height=””]

Ignite is our Friday night youth fellowship for middle and high schoolers. We launch our weekend with worship, games, snacks and spiritual friendship to anchor our soul on Jesus through this community. We gather together to love and care for one another in the name of Jesus Christ. Hope to see you here soon! 🙂



When: 2nd, 3rd and 4th Friday of each month


Time: 7:30-9:30pm


Who: Middle, High schoolers and parents



Join Ignite 2015-16 on Facebook for current information or see whcchome.org/youth


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WITY is our youth worship team ministry. Anyone who is interested in either learning instruments or becoming a true worshiper are welcome to join. WITY meets on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Sundays of every month in the chapel1-2:30pm. If you want to give it a try, please contact Jodi at [email protected]


[bgsection pex_attr_title=”Upcoming Events” pex_attr_subtitle=”” pex_attr_undefined=”undefined” pex_attr_style=”section-light” pex_attr_bgcolor=”f7f7f7″ pex_attr_image=”http://whcchome.org/ch/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2016/01/IMG_7148-1024x221.jpg” pex_attr_imageopacity=”0.1″ pex_attr_bgimagestyle=”static” pex_attr_titlecolor=”252525″ pex_attr_textcolor=”777777″ pex_attr_height=””]IGNITE: Friday and Friday!

Hi Parents – this month we are going Ignite crazy!  We usually meet the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Fridays of the month but this time, we’ll add in a bonus day next week 🙂

4/29 – Social Event to be announced! 🙂

WITY Guest Speaker: Jon Li from New Heart Music Ministries
This Sunday, Jon Li will speak on “Creativity and Teamwork in Worship” from 1-2pm in the chapel followed by a hnads on training for our youth worship teams. What a great opportunity to learn – please join us!
CPYU Parent Page
Check out this month’s newsletter!  WHCC has a paid subscription to this newsletter as we believe it’s a worthwhile investment for our families.  We hope you take time to check it out and let us know if it’s a helpful resource.  
D-GROUP LEADERS for 2016-17 school year
We are in desperate need of Sunday morning teachers for our Youth!  We call it D-Groups (for Discipleship groups) – small size, gender specific, designed for Bible learning and spiritual growth in the context of relationships.  If interested, or have questions, contact me!
2  female co-leaders for 6th grade girls 
2  male co-leaders for 6th grade boys
1 male co-leader for 10-11th grade boys


6/26-7/1 – Summer Missions Trip, Houston, in partnership with Lead222 – http://www.servantleadershipexperience.org/
7/11-15 – JAM Worship Camp “Jesus And Music” for High School students.  Hosted by New Heart Music Ministries.
7/24-7/27 – Discovery Camp (graduating 5th to 8th grade)
7/27-7/31 – Camp Impact (graduating 9th to 12th grade)
5/13 Apologetics
5/20 Pop music vs. Worship music
5/27 Master Chef
6/10 “I survived a Japanese game show!”
6/17 Movie night
6/24 Prayer & Praise
7/8   Art project
7/15 JAM concert at New Heart Music Ministries (offsite)
7/22 Youth summer missions sharing
8/12 JAVA JAM at CBC (offsite)
8/19 End of summer outing (offsite)
8/26 Ignite kick-off!


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Parents are playing an important role to our youth ministry. We view parents as the pillar of the ministry as well as the main disciples of their youth. Through the example of parents living out Christ’s image at home, we believe the faith of youth would be solid and strong. Therefore, we strive to offer a variety of resources to equip and support parents in the process of making disciples and in the opportunity of walking with their youth during the critical season of life. One of our great resources we recommend is CPYU (The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding). 

This is the information that will help you stay up to date on current youth culture and get biblical advice on how to raise your teenager. Updated monthly! The newsletter is brought to you by CPYU (November, 2015).

If you like to receive the newsletter, Email Youth Minister Jodi Chung

PTO (Parents and Teachers Organization)

Communication – keep you updated on youth ministry programs and events.

Community – provide a place for you to meet other families and meet your youth’s D-group leaders (Sunday school teachers).

Connection – offer opportunities to serve and support the ministry.