Hi Meta!

Every few weeks, we are trying to do one thing; one thing that can bring God’s love and blessing onto the city, starting in our neighborhoods.

As you can see below, during the first few weeks, we started with our driveways and our front doors with chalk art.  We have gotten some awesome submissions so far, and your creativity has been truly inspiring.

More importantly, we know that the Lord is using this art to attract our neighbors.  A brother from our church told me that after he and his family worked on it together in their driveway, his neighbor noticed and came out, and started to talk to them about what a great job they were doing.  Others have noticed their neighbors walking by and stopping to look. Now this is wonderful … but it is also not surprising.  Because oftentimes we see God move … when WE move.

This week, we are going to take it one step further.  We want to start praying for our neighbors by name.

For those of you who know at least one or two of your neighbors, we want you to start praying for your neighbor by name. The idea is put their name or names down on a sheet of paper or in your journal … and start simple, by praying a verse over them.

And for those of you who need help remembering their names, there is a great website called blesseveryhome.com.  We will be talking more about this website in the coming weeks.  But it is a great tool that we will be using.  Please take a look when you get a chance.

The goal is to begin in our driveways.  And as we start to move out in faith, we are asking God to begin a great work in our mission to engage our neighbors in our city.

Please keep sending your art in – we will continue to post them as they come in.  And let us continue to seek to be a blessing to those we need most.

Thank you Meta, and miss you all.


Minister of Community Engagement