For the Week of March 29th, 2020

“Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” 

Luke 10:41-42


  • COVID-19. Pray for the pandemic to slow to a halt, and for world governments to have wisdom and humility. Pray for protection over medical personnel, and quick recovery for the infected. Pray that people can cope with inconveniences caused by school and business closures. Pray that God blesses those not receiving income due to demobilization and employment suspension. Pray for love and patience among families staying at home during this difficult time. May God’s peace rule in our hearts so we do not panic but grow in our faith. May brothers and sisters experience the grace of the Lord during this pandemic, and maintain their joy in the Lord. Help us see Gospel opportunities in the midst of this pandemic.


  • Transforming Generations. We thank the Lord for our history, a church planted by Houston Chinese Church nearly 29 years ago, while asking Him to grant W’s desire to carry on the legacy by planting more gospel-centered churches in Houston and around the world in years to come.


  • Sis. Cherlin Wang. Pray God gives her enough physical and mental strength to take care of her mother. Pray that God heals her mother’s broken toe bone. May our merciful and loving God be with them daily.


  • Sis. Qin Yang. Praise God for effective treatment! The tumor has significantly shrank. Pray God gives the doctors wisdom in the next steps of treatment. Pray God strengthens her immunity and prevents infection, keeps her family unified during this difficult time, and gives her enough rest.


  • Ezra Wong [three-year-old son of Victor and Michelle]. Ask God to bless Ezra’s sleep, heal his wounds, and help him eat without relying on the gastro-nose tube. Pray that God gives his parents the wisdom and ability to help him. Pray the family experiences God during difficult times.


  • Those employed in the restaurant and grocery industries. Pray for the Lord to grant them grace and strength in demanding conditions and circumstances. May God provide His joy and goodness as they serve. May they exercise their believer priesthood and boldly testify of our Lord Jesus Christ in the workplace.


  • Blessed Family Course. This course has been suspended as the COVID-19 situation develops. Ask the Lord to help students use the resources provided by the church to continue teaching their children at home and build their spiritual lives.


  • Sunday Programs. These programs have been suspended as the COVID-19 situation develops. Pray for parents to use the provided Sunday School teaching materials to teach their children at home, and continue to build up their spiritual lives. 


  • Teachers and Volunteers. Praise God for their faithfulness! Although programming is suspended, may our teachers continue to build their lives in the Word of God and be better equipped to disciple our next generation in the years to come. 


  • WYouth Online. Pray as we transition into digital space during this pandemic. Pray for the youth ministries to continue in their effectiveness, and for the D-Group leaders to continue discipleship work online. 


  • D-Group Leaders. Pray for the adult leaders of our youth ministry as they navigate disciplining youth in the digital realm. Ask God to grant creativity and excitement in their online meetings.


  • TBA


  • TBA


  • Co-workers and Teams. Pray for their building up, that more servant leaders are raised up, that there is revival in the small groups and fellowships because more young men and women stand in the gap. Pray that with love we are ready to reach those who don’t know Christ, and that the church sustains her strong spiritual impact in the waves of secular culture.


  • Young Brothers and Sisters’ Faith & Wisdom. Pray they experience God’s goodness in church, career, and marital life. Pray they seek blessed marital relationships, as some couples pray for pregnancies or challenges in parenting. Pray they focus on a life devoted to the Lord, while seeking His purpose in every aspect of their lives–to live joyfully and constantly renewed by the Holy Spirit.


  • Transitioning Online. While groups cannot meet in-person, ask God to help members continue in fellowship and be fruitful through online gatherings. Pray that those who have not had the opportunity to previously participate to include small group into their lives through the online platform.


  • Members. Pray the Holy Spirit operates in our online meetings so that members are not overly influenced by various media, but instead focused on prayer and God’s Word.


  • Transitioning Online. All church activities have moved online. Although many brothers and sisters rarely use Internet in the past, thank God everyone is willing to learn and try. Those who cannot attend the Cantonese prayer meeting have begun participating through the digital platform.


  • Our Seniors. Many are unable to physically meet because of COVID-19. Ask God to keep them healthy, and to receive peace from the Lord through prayer and Bible reading. Thank God for the sisters who telephone our seniors every week and pray with them.


  • Training Course. While the course is suspended, ask for God’s protection for the students’ bodies, minds, and spirits, especially for one of our sisters who is pregnant. Let them regain their strength and prepare for the time when classes resume. 


  • Caregivers. During this time when the caregivers can’t have in-person interaction with the care-receivers, ask the Holy Spirit to make their phone care effective.


  • Family W. Praise the Lord that Sis. W gets her license soon. Praise the Lord for two new followers and that those they are ministering to delight in God’s Word. Pray this seed falls on fruitful ground. Pray they can balance their time with priorities.


  • Putao and Kat Lin [Taiwan]. Praise the Lord that the children attending English Storytime can understand His Word. Pray they can clearly communicate with them, and the stories would remain with the attendees. Pray for strength and good physical health for the coming busy month. Pray their daughter Jovie sleeps through the night.


  • Ps. I-Ming Huang, Ps. Paul See, and Ps. Andrew Bywaters. Pray the Holy Spirit anoints them and protects their bodies, minds, and spirits in preparation for next Sunday’s messages. Pray the Holy Spirit anoints them and protects their bodies, minds, and spirits in preparation for next Sunday’s messages.


  • Copperfield Bible Church and its pastor, Ps. Dan Philips. Pray for their ministry and growth.


  • Tallowood Chinese Baptist Church and its pastor, Ps. Jason Lee. May the Lord use them to reach nonbelievers and build up strong disciples.

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