Andrew Bywaters - August 11, 2019

I must get married! [Mark 3:31-35; 10:23-31]

Myths About Marriage

Busting the myth that my joy depends on getting married

Scripture References: Mark 10:23-31, Mark 3:31-35

From Series: "Myths About Marriage"

The power of the Gospel to cleanse from sin and give us a new, eternal hope in the covenant love of God frees us to put to death our self-centeredness and put marriage and family in its proper context. When the self is crucified with Christ, we are empowered to love our spouse and pursue the God-honoring purposes for which marriage was instituted; when marriage is dethroned in our hearts, and no longer is the source of all our hopes and dreams, we are then able to receive it thankfully as the gift it is. The power of the Gospel is that it allows us to pursue God’s glory in marriage, rather than our own lesser desires.

I must get married! [Mark 3:31-35; 10:23-31]

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